NIU- Premium Masters Cap, Gown,Tassel and Hood Set

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Gown Size Height (Chest Size) Regular / Fullfit Quantity
41 4’9”-4’11”(Chest up to 42”) Regular
    44 5’0”-5’2”(Chest up to 42”) Regular
      44XL(+$3.50) 5’0”-5’2”(Chest up to 43”-48”) Fullfit
        44XXL(+$3.50) 5’0”-5’2”(Chest up to 49”-60”) Fullfit
          47 5’3”-5’5”(Chest up to 42”) Regular
            50 5’6”-5’8”(Chest up to 42”) Regular
              50XL(+$3.50) 5’6”-5’8”(Chest up to 43”-48”) Fullfit
                50XXL(+$3.50) 5’6”-5’8”(Chest up to 49”-60”) Fullfit
                  53 5’9”-5’11”(Chest up to 42”) Regular
                    56 6’0”-6’2”(Chest up to 42”) Regular
                      56XL(+$3.50) 6’0”-6’2”(Chest up to 43”-48”) Fullfit
                        56XXL(+$3.50) 6’0”-6’2”(Chest up to 49”-60”) Fullfit
                          59 6’3”-6’5”(Chest up to 42”) Regular
                            62 6’6”-6’8”(Chest up to 42”) Regular
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                              Product Description

                              Cutoff date to order this package is May 12, 2023. This package was set up by Ms. Brown. If you are not a part of her organization, do not order this package. You will receive the wrong items.

                              Includes Premium Masters Gown (with pleated shoulders, Braided Rope, and Button on Back for Hood), Mortarboard Cap (Standard 4-sided Graduation Cap) Regular Graduation Tassel and Masters Hood

                              Fabric: 100% Polyester. Approximately 250 grams per square meter
                              Finish: Matte (non-shiny) Finish. 
                              Gown Colors: Masters gowns are only available in Black
                              Cap Color: Black
                              Tassel Color: Make your selection in the drop-down list from our large selection of color combinations. Tassels are 8-9 inches long plus a 6-inch loop with gold metal band and gold year date

                              Gown Measurements:  Measure student from Head-to-Toe with shoes on. Gowns are already tailored to reach below the knee to calf length, not to the ground. Measure chest all the way around at the largest part of your chest. Do not include your arms.
                              Cap Measurements: One size fit most.

                              We carry a large stock of hoods; however, all hoods can be customized with the colors you require for no extra cost!  

                              Hood Color: Main School Color, Chevron School Color, Specialization Color (based on your degree specialty)

                              We carry a large stock of hoods; however, all hoods can be customized with the colors you require for no extra cost!  If the colors you require are not in stock, it will take about 4-6 weeks to have it made for you. Choose your colors from the drop-down list. A representative will contact you if the colors you select are not in stock.

                              You are welcome to call us to inquire if we have your hood color combination in stock before you place the order if you cannot wait 4-6 weeks.

                              If you decide to cancel the order:

                              1. orders placed with a credit card will be deducted 8% to cover the credit card transaction fees

                              2. orders placed with PayPal will be deducted 4% to cover the PayPal transaction fees

                              If you want the hood to ship when it is ready and the rest of the items to ship first, there will be an extra $15 fee

                              We do not suggest washing the caps and gowns

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