Your prices are so great! Is there a minimum order?

Nope!  Each product will show you how much the price is based on your quantity. The more you purchase, the better your price.

Do you price match?

Yes, Graduation Outlet will match any of our competitors pricing.  In order to take advantage of this, the sizes, colors and quantities you need must be in-stock with an accredited competitor. We will not match prices off of auction sites(such as ebay), Amazon, from companies located and/or shipping from overseas or for used / rental items.  Price matching requests MUST be made at the time of placing an order and will not be honored once an order has been placed.  All price matching requests are at the discretion of Graduation Outlet on a case-by-case basis.

I work at a school / organization that does not want to stock merchandise and does not want to pay for all the merchandise.  Can our students / members order directly from your website?

Yes, we can set up a special login for members of your school / organization to order directly from us without your school / organization having to pay for / stock the goods. Call us to inquire how at: 973-396-8190

Why is the color of the item I ordered different online than what I received?  Can I return / exchange it for the same color I see online?

Every computer screen has different settings for resolution and pixels.  The color one person sees online will not be exactly what another person sees.  Unfortunately, Graduation Outlet cannot accept returns or exchanges for slight color differences between what you see online and what you receive.

I ordered from Graduation Outlet in the past. Why is the color of the item I ordered this time different from what I ordered last time?  Can I return this or exchange this so it matches the color I ordered last time?

Products are dyed in different dye lots.  Each time dye lots are made, the color may not be exactly like the previous dye lot.  It is impossible for Graduation Outlet to clone previous dye lots,  but we do our best to keep our colors consistent.  Graduation Outlet cannot be responsible for the color differences between previous dye lots and therefore we cannot accept returns or exchanges because the color is not like your previous order is not what you 'expected.'

I don't see the color I need listed as an option.  Can you custom make it?

We are usually able to get custom colors in for our customers.  Call us to inquire how at: 973-396-8190

Can I wash or dry-clean merchandise bought from Graduation Outlet?

Dry Clean Only. Do not machine wash.